Puerto Rico: Money & Costs

Puerto Rico is one of the Caribbean’s cheaper destinations, but there’s no limit to what you can spend if you’re in a party mood or on a gambling binge. A moderate gues thouse-and-diner budget would slip somewhere between US$150.00 and US$200.00 , while budget travellers can get by on less than US$100.00 a day by bunking up in no-frills hotels, eating at local food stands and taking public transport in preference to hiring a car. It’s possible to live large on US$250.00 a day, staying in ritzier hotels and eating three meals a day in decent restaurants. Note that accommodations are cheaper in the May through November low season.

All major credit cards and traveller’s cheques are widely accepted and there are plenty of ATMs. Once you leave the cities and touristy areas, it’s best to carry a supply of cash, as ATMs get fewer and farther between. The US dollar is the official currency, occasionally referred to as the peso.

Tipping follows North American rules. Restaurants usually include the service charge in the bill, but if they don’t a 15% tip is expected. Bargaining isn’t common except in artisan markets where you can probably wrangle a discount. There is no sales tax in Puerto Rico, but expect to pay an extra 11% hotel tax when you stay at hotels with casinos, 9% tax on hotels without casinos, and 7% on small inns and guesthouses. Some hotels add an energy surcharge of around 3%. These niggling extras can add up, so be sure to ask about taxes before you book your hotel.
Currency of Puerto Rico is US Dollar which is symbolized as ‘US$’.

Note: Currency price on the basis of US dollar may change.


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