Pulau Sibu

Pulau Sibu is a pleasant hideaway with its lush tropical vegetation, endless stretches of golden beaches and clear blue waters. The island is also dotted with numerous sea caves carved out of rocks. The constant pounding of the sea during the monsoon season has given the island a beautiful yet rugged appearance.

The surrounding waters contain fascinating coral reefs teeming with colourful marine life. Shipwrecks off its coast can also be found. In the olden days, Chinese junks and pirate vessels often exchanged cannon fire around this island, and the remains of these battles lie scattered around the seabed.

There are facilities for scuba diving, snorkelling, windsurfing, sailing and angling. Visitors can go for a hike through the jungle leading to unspoilt mangrove swamps or visit the kelong, or jetty, where anchovies are caught. Alternatively, head for the kampong, or village, to get a first-hand look at how coconuts are smoked to make copra.

Key Tips
If you are travelling with children or you are not a strong swimmer, choose to stay on a beach on the western side of the island where the sea is calmer, as you can avoid exposure to the South China Sea here

How to get there
By Road and Sea
You can catch a boat ride to Sibu Island from Tanjung Leman jetty, south of Mersing. From Mersing town, travel south along the Mersing – Kota Tinggi (Highway 3) trunk road for about 44km and turn left. The road passes through an oil palm plantation, and is narrow and winding in certain parts. From Johor Bahru, head for Kota Tinggi town. From Kota Tinggi town, travel north on the Kota Tinggi – Mersing trunk road (Highway 3) for 48km and turn right to the same junction mentioned above. Pulau Sibu is about 20 minutes’ boat ride from Tanjung Leman.

Accommodation Overview
Accommodation on the island ranges from fully furnished chalets to basic A-frame huts. There are also restaurants serving Asian and Western cuisines.


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