Pushkin Festival

Pushkin Festival

When:Jun 2006 (annual)
Where:Pushkin Estate Museum (Mikhailovskoe Estate)

On the first Sunday in June every year, lovers of Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin from all over the world congregate at the Mikhailovskoe Estate, now the Pushkin Estate Museum. Pushkin (1799-1837) is Russia’s greatest writer and arguably, along with Shakespeare, a contender for the greatest poet ever. The perfection of his verse, particularly in his amazing verse novel Evgeniy Onegin, can only be likened to the perfection of Mozart’s music.
Mikhailovskoe is the estate of Pushkin’s maternal family and the house where the great man spent large chunks of his life. During the autumn of 1830 and 1834, he retreated from the whips and scorns of St Petersburg society to find the peace and quiet he needed to create. It was here at Mikhailovskoe that he wrote some of his best work.

Expect poetry readings and lectures at this festival, but mostly take the opportunity to wander around the beautiful country estate in the heart of Holy Rus and feel the spirit of the poet walking with you in the woods and fields that he loved.

Pushkin – who was born on 6 June 1799 and was killed in a duel in which he had been the challenger – was buried in the nearby Svyatogorsky Monastery.

Source: http://www.istc.org

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