North Korea owes its tribute to Kim Il Sung on nearly every corner, the main square, the university and the stadium are named after him. His sometimes larger-than-life figure accompanies you in your stay in North Korea and especially in Pyongyang. To get an impression of the old Korea try to see the Taedong and the Potong Gate. To relax go to Moranbong Park or to the more disney-like Taesongsan recreation ground with a monorail, a rollercoaster and candy floss. The city is built around the Taedong River. Two mid-river fountains are ranked as world’s highest rising to a height of 150m (492ft).

In Pyongyang you will find the greatest choice of hotels and restaurants of the whole country, but even this is not too large. Pyongyang is much different from other major busy and alive Asian capitals. Here, you will not find street hawkers or television sets carried on the backs of bycycles. As a matter of fact, bycycles are not permitted in the main capital. Eating out has to be arranged by your guide, as well as any other activity or visit. If you want to go out in the evening you should try to see a revolutionary opera at the Mansudae theatre. There are good circuses and musical recitals too.

For accommodation there are three hotels for foreign visitors, but you have to ask the governmental travel bureau where to stay. Normally all rooms have private baths and hotels normally have good laundry facilities.