Located at the southwestern tip of the Shandong Peninsular, facing the Yellow Sea on the east and south, Qingdao is a beautiful coastal city with bright sea, blue-sky, cool sea breezes, cobbled streets, and there is much more waiting for you to explore. Historically, Qingdao was once a sleepy fishing town but in 1897 Germany annexed Qingdao and the surrounding Jiazhou peninsula and introduced German style brewing. Its German legacy more or less intact, Qingdao takes pride in its Bavarian appearance-the Chinese call the town Chinas Switzerland . In recent years, Qingdao became one of China’s first open door cities, and it continues to produce the world-renowned Qingdao Beer.

Qingdao has plenty of diversions to offer, but the main thing to do here is stroll. So you may enjoy the indolent, flirtatious waterfront, the haunt of the well-heeled inhabitants, the crowds on the esplanade, beach bums reclining elegantly on the sands and skateboarders weaving down the hills, and the beaches and old German town as well.

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