Quang Binh Introduction
About 300km north of Danang, Quang Binh Province is not only the confluent point of many cultural currents but was also a fierce battlefield in two struggles for national salvation. Subsequently, there are many cultural and historical vestiges of different eras still extant.

Quang Binh has the specific characteristics of the north central region and is home to many ethnic groups, so the folk cultural tradition is very rich.

The provinces major tourist attraction is Phong Nha Cave in the Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. Part of a 13,000m underground river, the series of spectacular limestone caves have been carved out by water over the millennia.

Accessible only by river boat, the immense caverns are filled with awesome stalactites, stalagmites and natural sculpture, and over the centuries have been used by the Cham, Buddhists and the revolutionary forces of Vietnam as a place of sanctuary. The park has primeval forests with much rare flora and fauna, including the blue gibbon, purple carp, golden tortoise and the millennia oak.

The caves are roughly 50km from the town of Dong Hoi. There is a good road to Son Trach Commune then the final leg to the caves is by boat. An alternative route is along the newly constructed Ho Chi Minh Road, which follows the old Ho Chi Minh Trail.

Quang Binh has many other natural attractions such as the Ngang Pass, Gianh River, Nhat Le and Da Nhay beaches and Bang Spa. Man-made places of interest included Hoang Phuc Pagoda, Quang Binh Gate, Dao Duy Tu Rampart and Dong Hoi Bulwark.

For those lucky enough to be in Quang Binh at the appropriate time there are some festivals well worth visiting.

* Bao Ninh Festival: 14th -16th of the 4th lunar month * Festival of Bao Ninh Village: 14th of the 7th lunar month. * Festival Canh Duong Village: 3rd of the 1st lunar month * Boat Race: Vietnam Independence Day 2nd September.

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