Quba Mosque in Saudi Arabia

The holiest of holies among the mosques in Madina, Quba Mosque in Saudi Arabia is the oldest mosque in the world. Visited by pilgrims world wide, the ancient mosque is one of the leading Tourist Attractions of Saudi Arabia and forms part of any Saudi Arabia Travel Guide.
Quba Mosque in Saudi Arabia plays a fundamental role in the history of Religion of Saudi Arabia. The name of Prophet Mohammad has been associated with the mosque, since its inception. The first stones of the mosque are said to have been laid by the Prophet himself, after his migration from Mecca to Madina. The building of the mosque was subsequently completed by the companions of the Prophet. This famous mosque was also once home to the Prophet for 20 days.
The mosque is also a must visit for any one who is interested in the Architecture of Saudi Arabia. Featuring a prayer hall with four minarets, the architecture of the mosque has the simple, straight lines and ribbed white domes, that’re characteristic of the architectural tradition in Madina. The marble courtyard of the prayer area is done up in a dramatic red, black and white combination. Quba Mosque at Saudi Arabia in Asia was rebuilt in 1986, and it presently features an impressive infrastructure that comprises offices, residential buildings, library, ablution facilities and even small shops.
The location of Quba Mosque in Saudi Arabia is easily accessible by train, motor bikes and buses. Domestic airlines such as Nas Air and Sama Air also have regular flights to Madina, for the convenience of the numerous travelers visiting the holy city.

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