Known as the sunshine state of Australia, Queensland is one of the most famed tourists destination in the continent and for good reason too. Excellent National Parks, Sandy Sun drenched beaches, incredible Great Barrier Reef and the vast expanse of outback all together make Queensland a must visit place on Travel to Queensland. Queensland has a character and nature unlike anywhere else in the world. And there’s no part of Queensland more colourful than the people, warm and helpful, they make your stay at the place a memorable vacation.
Queensland started as a penal colony in 1824. Due to lack of fresh water and aboriginal resistance to the newcomers, the colony was soon moved to what is now Brisbane. Brisbane or ‘Brissy’ as it is called locally, is Queensland’s capital and the third largest city in Australia.
A lively and cosmopolitan cultural centre, the region with its flourishing arts scene and a love for markets and outdoors dining, Brisbane offers a relaxed classiness in its entertainment and leisure time.
Situated on the Brisbane River and surrounded by misty blue hills, the city is known for its scenic beauty and balmy climate.
The Great Barrier Reef, as one of the natural wonders of the world, is located in Cairns, Queensland’s most northerly city and a popular boarding point. The place offers a truly amazing experience for divers with an abundance of colourful marine life, while all along the Queensland coast are hot spots for keen boaters and anglers, lined with cafes. Home to about 220 National Parks and state forests, Queensland is dominated by the coast and thus most of the settlements and tourists attractions are concentrated in the narrow coastal strip.