Rahole National Reserve

National Reserve – 1,270 sq km – Managed by Kenya Wildlife Services

Rahole National Reserve offers a wide variety of plains game, hippo, crocodile and excellent bird viewing. The reserve is situated on the north bank of River Tana at the western side of North eastern province. Just like other National Reserves and National parks and reserves in the country, Rahole national reserve is managed by Kenya Wildlife service. The reserve can only be accessed by 4WD vehicles as there are no road infrastructures in the area.

Like Other National Parks and National Reserves in Kenya, Rahole National Reserve attracts as a tourist attraction site in Kenya despite it’s the poor roads. Rahole National Reserve is home to a wide range of animals like elephants. Tourists visiting the park are also able to see Grevy’s zebra and Beisa Oryx. Additionally, tourists visiting the can see hippo, crocodile and plain game. Moreover, Rahole National Reserve is important for birding. The reserve offers an excellent bird view and tourists visiting the reserve are able to see a wide range of birds and animals.

Accommodation is also available. Tourists visiting Rahole National Reserve can get accommodation from hotels near Rahole. There are numerous hotels that have been designed well to meet tourist’s needs. Examples include Fairmont hotel in Nanyuki and Outspan hotel.

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