Delightful Rajasthan and North India tour is an optimal combination of the flair of Rajasthan and covers famous monuments of North India. The State of Rajasthan is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Region of India. During long drives through the scenic villages of Rajasthan we will feel ourselves accompanied all the time by the colourful dresses and friendly people of Rajasthan.

Many princely states of Rajasthan, impressive forts and magnificent palaces set in the Thar desert evoke uniquely colourful images of medieval India. Rajasthan means land of Rajas (or Kings) but also called Rajputana the country of Rajputs. The Aravali mountain range, one of the oldest mountain ranges of the word, extending from north to south divides the state into two natural regions. Aravali range and the Twht har Desert are the two most contrasting features of Rajasthan’s geographical make-up. In North India, specially in Khajuraho we see the finest examples of temple craftsmanship in the whole of India

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