Rameshwaram Temple

Pilgrimage tour to Tamil Nadu is incomplete without taking a trip to Rameshwaram. One of the most sacred place in the city, Rameshwaram temple awaits thousands of pilgrims every year. It is believed whosoever visit Varanasi, is supposed to take Rameshwaram temple tour to complete his pilgrimage.

Plan for Rameshwaram temple tour to know the legendary tale related to this world renowned holy shrine. The legends believes, Lord Rama offered prayers to Shiva in form of the a Shiva Lingam, on his return to Ayodhya. The lingam was made of earth by Sita, consort of Lord Rama. This Shiva lingam is now popularly known as Ramalingam.Sprawling in an area of 15 acres, the ancient was only a small hut until the 12 th century. The first masonry structure was built by Parakrama Bahu of Sri Lanka. Later on, rest of building was designed under the regime of Setupathy rulers. Vimaanams of the holy shrine resembles a lot with Vimaanams of the Pallava period. Most of the temple was structured from 12 th century to 16 th century A.D. In the 18 th century AD, long corridor were made in the temple complex. Apart from that, powerful kingdoms of Ramanathapuram, Pudukkottai and Mysore also offered valuable patronage to this renowned Hindu temple.

Take a Tamil Nadu Rameshwaram Temple Tour to marvel the outstanding architecture of this majestic temple. One of the most sacred shrines of Hindus, Rameshwaram temple is among the 12 Jyotirlingams of India. The stupendous shrine is adorned with huge Gopurams, Nandi and monolithic walls. The corridor measuring 4000 feet with over 4000 pillars is said to be the longest in the world. Rajagipuram on the eastern side is 126 feet long and has nine levels. An impressive image of Nandi placed inside the temple is 22 feet in length and 18 feet tall.

Two major festivals are celebrated by devotees, with great grandeur and enthusiasm at this scared shrine. The annual festival known as Bhrammotsavams is held in the Tamil months of Aadi and Maasi. Another festival celebrated in the temple is Rama’s worship in the month of Aani.

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