Located on the Adriatic midway between Venice and Florence, Ravenna (pop. 136 000) is best known for the wonderful mosaic decoration of its churches and tombs relics from its Byzantine past.

The international heritage of Ravenna, city of mosaics, has been recognized by UNESCO. Eight monuments built over a period of 1500 years have been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. What makes Ravenna’s monuments a treasure for all humanity is described as follows: The grouping of early Christian and Byzantine religious buildings in Ravenna is of extraordinary significance due to the supreme artistic mastery of the art of mosaics. The buildings are furthermore testimony of the artistic and religious relationship and contacts of an important period in the history of European culture.

But of course it is not just mosaics that bring you here. The city itself is very charming, there are many good restaurants and at night the city is very lively. Close to Ravenna you will also find good beaches.

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