Restaurants and Bars in Czech Republic

Restaurants and Bars in Czech Republic are the best places for savoring lip smacking Czech cuisines. Czech delicacies are quite heavy that includes lots of meat including some potatoes, dumplings or rice with sauce. Traditional and contemporary delights are normally served in all the Restaurants and Bars in Czech Republic. Czech delicacies include pork with sauerkraut and dumplings that is dished out with a glass of beer.

There are a number of Restaurants and Bars in Czech Republic. ABA Cafe is a restaurant cum bar that is located at 4 Zitna, in Prague of Czech Republic. The interior decoration of this restaurant is stunning and the menu includes all the Czech specialties. Bar 39, which stands at 39 Siefertova in Czech Republic, is a bar-cum-restaurant. Bar U Vocka, located at 34 Jecna, in Prague, is an eatery that can be found on the eventful Jecna Street. Bellevue is obviously the best dining place that is suitable for experiencing standard for lip smacking delights. Bistrot de Marlene, which is located at one block east of the Vltava, provides all the traditional delights and wines. Bohemia Bagel is the first bagel bakery of Prague.

Restaurants and Bars in Czech Republic includes good variety in its menu. The extensive menu includes a conventional starter, which is undoubtedly the special hot soup. You can also pamper your taste buds with some conventional Czech delicacies like meats with pork or beef in deep cream sauces. This is usually dished out with dumplings. Side dishes include potatoes, rice or French fries, which are very common in Czech Republic. The main dish is usually cooked with obloha, which is the mixture of tomato, lettuce, cucumber, pickles and cabbage. Meats and yeast-dumplings are available at lunch time in all the Restaurants and Bars in Czech Republic. The usual Czech cuisine is zelo, knedlo, vepro. Another typical delight is svickova na smetane or gulas. Fish, which is regarded as a special Christmas meal, is offered in almost all the Czech restaurants all year around. Czech menus also feature some very delicious appetizers, like cheese plates and hot soups and Prague ham filled with horseradish cream. Lip smacking deserts are also available in the restaurants.

The most well-known Czech drink is beer and it is available in all the bars of this country. You can take a half-liter mug, which is cheaper than a glass of soda or cup of coffee, in any of the Restaurants and Bars in Czech Republic. You can opt for some well-known brands in Czech like Budejovicky Budvar or Plzensky Prazdroj, Gambrinus, Krusovice,

Velkopopovicky kozel, Radegast or Staropramen. Other than beer, you can savor classic wines in the bars of Czech Republic. I Alcohol Bar, Baracnicka rychta, Bebop Bar, Hapu, Hlucna samota, Jama, James Joyce, Konvikt Pub, Kyvadlo, La Tonnelle, M1, Na Verandach, Ocean Drive, Pivni galerie, St. Nicholas Café, U Dvou hrabalu, XXX and Ultramarin are the well-known bars of Czech Republic.

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