Restaurants and Bars in England

The Restaurants and Bars in England are major areas of interest in the country and forms a major part of the England tours. England is an ancient country and has diverse culture and tradition which has led to the emergence of various cuisines from all over the country. Travelers who visit the country can taste mouth watering local and international dishes at the numerous Restaurants and Bars in England.
The premier England Restaurants and Bars are mostly centered in important cities. One can also taste variety of traditional local dishes in the small counties and towns. Some of the popular restaurants and bars in England are located in London. The city is home to international chain of restaurants. The Camden Market consists of local restaurants and eateries where one can have a taste of local sandwich and Beef Wellington. The major restaurants are situated around the London Eye and offer local and global cuisine. Some popular Chinese dishes are offered in Chinatown and the Soho area. Apart from exquisite restaurants, London is known for wide range of bars and pubs which offer the best choice of drinks.
Apart from London, popular Restaurants and Bars at England are also located in cities like Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham and Edinburgh. Asian and Indian dishes are also popular in England and plenty of Indian restaurants and bars in England are located in all major cities. Some of the popular local English dishes are Yorkshire pudding, Toad in the Hole, Steak and Kidney Pie, Lancashire Hotpot, Cornish Pasty and so on. Most restaurants also serve ‘Full English Breakfast’ which comprise fried bacon, fried eggs, fried bread, black pudding, mushrooms, baked beans and toast and butter. Hot coffee, tea or milk is served with these.
Another important potion of England Restaurants and Bars are the pubs. The pubs are a popular part of English culture. They are found everywhere in big cities or small towns. They serve local as well as international drinks. They are well known centers where tourists get a taste of nightlife in England. Some popular drinks in the country are lager, bitter, stout, Ale, cider and Perry. Apart from hard drinks, different varieties of tea and coffee are also popular.