Restaurants and Bars in Morocco

Coming to the exotic destination of Morocco, you will find a number of Restaurants and Bars in Morocco. Dining can be a great experience at this place. Moroccan cuisine is typically spicy and tasty. Morocco caters a wide array of dishes to its guests. The delicacies largely have Arabic and colonial influence. Here, you can taste Spanish, Corsican, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Portuguese, Moorish and African cuisines with great pleasure. The diverse and varied Restaurants and Bars in Morocco caters delectable delicacies.

Some of the major restaurants in Morocco include the following:

Bo& Zin: This restaurant caters delectable delicacies of Moroccan, Thai and French influence. You can site this restaurant at the city of Marrakech. The lounge restaurant has a warm and romantic atmosphere. There is a garden bar attached to this restaurant that draws large number of travelers.

Casa Lalla: You can site this restaurant at the city of Marrakech. This restaurant has a 16 seat dining room. You can relish some market inspired delicacies out here.

Dar Saada: This restaurant at the Fez is the ideal place, where you can splurge on some delectable and mouth watering delicacies. The roast lamb us the specialty of this restaurant.

Hotel Club Le Mirage: Located at the city of Tangier, this restaurant is placed at one of the posh resorts of the country.

Other than these, there are several other restaurants in this country. These include Kechmara, Dar Zuina, A Ma Bretagne, L’ Hacienda, Le Jacaranda, Bellevue, Le Cabestan and many others.

You can visit various bars of the country and look forward to have a great time. The bars serve refreshing drinks to the visitors. The well stocked bars attract tourists of all ages. Here, you can relax and unwind with a glass of refreshing drink. At the bars, you can also enjoy live performances as well. For all the party people the bars can be an ideal place to be. During your Morocco Tours, make sure to visit these Morocco Restaurants and Bars and spend a great time.

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