Restaurants and Bars in Nauru

Dining is an integral part of your Nauru tours. There are a number of restaurants and bars in Nauru. The best restaurants and bars in Nauru are found in the Menen Hotel. Here, you will find two restaurants which offer a variety of cuisines. These restaurants also provide regular barbecues.

Dining in Nauru is a great experience. During your Nauru tours, enjoy all kinds of delicious and healthy dishes. Since, Nauru is an island nation, sea food is very popular in its restaurants. Most of the restaurants of Nauru offer delicious seafood dishes. Fishes are easily available in this country. As a result, a variety of sea food preparations can be explored in the restaurants and bars in Nauru.

If you go to the restaurants in Nauru, you will be offered authentic dishes that are loved by all. The cuisine of Nauru is highly influenced by the cuisines of countries such as Germany, Australia, China and Britain. You can savor all kinds of mouthwatering dishes in the various restaurants and bars in Nauru.
Reynaldo’s is a popular name in the list of restaurants and bars in Nauru. It is a local restaurant that offers authentic Chinese cuisines. There are many other restaurants and bars in Nauru. Nauru cuisine is very light because of the high temperature. Therefore, you will get to savor simple food items in the eateries of this country. The aroma and flavor of the delicacies of Nauru are unique to this country.

The dishes offered in the restaurants and bars in Nauru are a treat to the taste buds. Spices are added to enhance the flavor and color of the food items served in the various restaurants and bars in Nauru. All the traditional dishes have their own cooking method. Meat is one of their main foods. Cooked and smoked hams are also very popular.

You will also find a few bars in Nauru. The Reef Bar is one of the finest bars of this country. It is situated at a walking distance of 30 minutes from the Od-N-Aiwo. It is a standard bar that provides different types of beer, spirits and wines.

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