Restaurants and Bars in Poland

Restaurants and Bars in Poland are numerous in number. Restaurants and Bars in Poland have perfected the art of providing cuisines that appeal greatly to the gastronomical needs of the tourists coming to this country every year. You can in fact find restaurants that create their own unique ambiance to try and make a name for themselves. Competition for providing the best cuisines is high in Poland. Some of the best restaurants in Poland are located in the capital city of Warsaw.

Boston Port – This restaurant is owned and managed by an American couple. It is extremely popular in Warsaw for its food. The local items prepared in this restaurant are a specialty in itself. They have a comfortable eating place and even have an outdoor sitting, which is usually used during the summers. The place is extremely popular for its fish chowder which is supposed to be the best preparation in the city. Prices are extremely reasonable.

Barock Cafe – The Barock Cafe is a local favorite. It is a small eatery, but simple and comfortable. The restaurant provides live music on Saturday nights and a disco is also held here. The food is said to be very delicious. The decor of the restaurant has been done in order to give you a feeling of nostalgia and at the same time make you feel cozy and comfortable.

Belvedere – Belvedere is an excellent place to visit, if elegance and sophistication is your preference. The restaurant provides international cuisine. You can choose your dish from a number of options that are available in the restaurant. Food is prepared and decorated accordingly.

Akropolis – Often known as the best restaurant in Krakow, Akropolis is known for its tempting food and eager to please staff. The cooks are very friendly and love to show off their cooking skills from behind the glass window of the kitchen.

There are also a number of popular bars in the city of Warsaw.

Blue Cactus – Blue Cactus bar is very popular in Warsaw. Tourists generally head to this bar on a hot summer night to taste one of their special concoctions. They are most known for their Margaritas. You can ask the bartenders to prepare one according to your own taste and liking.
You will also find a number of bars in other cities of Poland. Some of the more popular bars are – The Language Pub in Sopot, Kubryk Pub in, Pod Aniolem Pub in Torun, Plan B in Warsaw, Klub 68 Club in Lublin, Stephen Gatehouse Pub Restaurants and Bars in Poland provide the best food along with tempting drinks. Do not miss to visit a local restaurant and a bar on your trip to Poland. You will definitely enjoy the experience.

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