Restaurants and Bars in Vietnam

Coming to Vietnam, you can find a wide range of Restaurants and Bars in Vietnam. The restaurants cater to the individual tastes of the guests. Vietnamese cuisine is extraordinarily beautiful and tasty. Any delicacies of Vietnam have the common use of fish sauce, hoisin sauce, and soy sauce. You can find the inclusion of certain herbs and spices like lemon grass, kaffir lime and others. All these ingredients are used in the food to make it utterly delicious. The well stocked bars are also the common feature of Vietnam. Restaurants and Bars in Vietnam will make your trip a pleasant one.
You can find diverse restaurants at the various cities of Vietnam. You can find restaurants at the cities like Da Nang, Hoi An, Hue, Ho Chi minh City, Da Lat, Nha Trang, Ha Long, Phan Thiet and many others.
Some of the major restaurants in Vietnam include the following:
Hoi An: This restaurant boasts of having one of the best dining rooms in the country. You can site this restaurant at Ho Chi Minh City. It caters delectable and authentic Asian and Vietnamese delicacies. You can choose from the wide array of lip smacking delicacies enlisted in the menu cards. It remains open from 5 pm to midnight daily.
Brother’s Cafe: Located in Hanoi, this restaurant remains open from 9 am to 11pm daily. You will get a feel of sophistication once you enter the restaurant. The bamboo hangings and the beautiful motifs adorn the restaurant to enliven the spirits of the guests. Here, you can have buffet dining option. You can also choose the wide selection of beverages as well.
Al Fresco’s: To taste and relish authentic Mexican, Barbeque, Italian and contemporary delicacies, visit this impressive restaurant. You can site this restaurant at the city of Hanoi. Here, you can splurge on rice and noodle dishes.
Highway4: For authentic Vietnamese delicacies, do visit this restaurant. Here, you can have a pure gastronomical bliss and taste the specialties of this restaurant.
Other than these restaurants there are several other restaurants in Vietnam.
To sit back and unwind after the days work, make sure to visit the bars in Vietnam. This country boasts of having a vibrant and bustling nightlife. Vietnam has a wide range of bars, clubs and discos. At the bars, you can find a selection of choicest drinks. The bars also arrange for some live performances. For all the party people, the bars are the ideal place to be. The scintillating drunks at the bars will enliven you. You can sip in to the glass of refreshing drinks and spend a great time with your loved ones. Some of the important bars in the country include Saigon Nights, Eden Bar, go2 bar, Cloudburst bar and many others.
Restaurants and Bars in Vietnam will surely make your Vietnam Tours a pleasurable and enjoyable one.

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