Rio Muni

Rio Muni is the name of the part of Equatorial Guinea that’s located on the mainland of Africa. It is one of the least traveled bits of Africa and a trip there takes a bit of an explorer.

Bata is the capital of the mainland. Just south of town are some excellent beaches. There are regular flights to Malabo from Bata and a ferry once a week.

A general lack of good roads makes travel in Rio Muni pretty tough. There is no bridge between Cocobeach in Gabon and Acalayong in the south of Rio Muni, so if you want to go with your own car to Libreville you need to make a big detour via Evinayong. The road to Cameroun takes you via Ebebiyin in the far north east. In both cases you will have a great travel experience – but as we said no good roads to travel on.

I agree with the above and add a word about the flights from Malabo. These are operated by EGA the local airline. This airline is NOT registered with any international authority, is not allowed to fly anywhere outside Equatorial Guinea. The pilots are Russian and Ukrainian and all seem to have an alcohol problem. The planes themselves are very very old Russian Yak 40s and are always overbooked and overcrowded. They should have 40 seats but on one flight back from Bata to Malabo there were passengers STANDING in the aisles and over 70 passengers were counted!!!