Riobamba is a small town in the Andes. It is mainly popular with travelers because of its Indian markets. The town is filled every Saturday with woolen blankets pigs and produce. The market frequented by Amerindians from the neighboring villages sprawls through several town squares and streets.
The town houses a good museum, the Museum of Sacred Art (paintings sculptures and jewelry) housed in the old Convent of the Sisters of the Conception.

The city itself has some fine old buildings and pretty views of the surrounding peaks. It also makes a good base for visiting Chimborazo.

A cool thing to do is to take a 3-6 hour train trip through the Andean Sierra on one of the oldest trains in the world to a place called Nariz Del Diablo, or Devel’s Nose. The trip starts every Sunday morning at 6 A.M., at Riobamba’s train station. The cost should be around $20 for a ticket. The proceeds go to reparation of their antequated railroad system. Wear a light jacket and be sure to bring food and water.