River Rafting in Italy

A very common sport in Italy, kayaking and white water rafting is made possible by the rivers that start in the high mountains, often fed by glaciers that descent steeply, through narrow valleys as the make their way to the coast. The result is a slew of places that provide the best kayaking conditions in Europe or the world.Located in Val di Sole, the Noce River is the hot spot for all rafters as the river provides high-level of excitement, thanks to its Class III, IV and V rapids. A leading river in North Italy, the river begins its long journey from the Corno dei Tre Signori Mountain of the Ortles-Cevedale Range. The entire path of the Noce River is simply stirring, as the river has several levels and the navigational pathway is quite long. As you float through the current or surf through the waves and surpass the diverse levels of rapids, the beautiful landscapes surrounding its path will surely intrigue you. As the river moves further down to Cogolo, the water body is joined by Noce Bianco. Thus, as you slide through the white waters of the Noce River, the proximity of the waves will fascinate and captivate you to some great extent. As the waves crash back on your boat, push you towards a boulder and you cut past the waters, the entire experience will definitely be an electrifying one.

The Dora Baltea springs from the highest mountain in Europe Mont Blanc, crossing the Aosta Valley and through the city of Aosta and into Piedmont through the cities of Ivrea and Canavese, then on to eventually feed the Po. Especially good for kayaking in May and June when the melt water swells the river, from September, levels are far more moderate but the water is warmer. The Aosta Valley is a hugely popular spot for kayaking with plenty of rapids and falls to test all levels of paddlers. Probably Italy’s most popular destination for kayaking, there are many tour guides and facilities for all levels. If you are pregnant or suffering from any kind of illness then do not engaged into this activity and do not force your friends and group members to engage in this activity if they are not comfortable. If you know swimming then this activity is recommended and also follow your guide rules to make your activity joyful.

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