River Rafting in Serbia

Taste the true fun and adventure with rafting on Serbia’s most beautiful and wild rivers. Enjoy the white water rafting in Serbia and experience the Balkans in its most original way.The mountainous region between Serbia, Montenegro and Republika Srbska (in Bosnia and Herzegovina) offers a remarkable opportunity for white water rafting. The rivers of this region have carved out great canyons and wild rapids – a perfect scene for rafting and adventure loving travelers. Choose among many rivers in the area such as Drina, Ibar, Lim and Tara. Whatever the destination, the well organized and prepared team of veteran rafters will make sure you experience the true holidays on and off the river.

Tara is one of the most beautiful and the most interesting river in Serbia. Tara suited for river rafting in the length of 100 km. The Tara canyon can be divided in two parts ; the upper and lower part of the upper part of the canyon. You will starting in Splaviste, near Djurdjevic Tara , and from there, begin rafting tours during which passes through the entire canyon of Tara. In the upper part, the deepest part of the canyon is near the camp Radovan . The starting point on the lower part of the canyon is Brstanovica which is the most common item because it is the most attractive part for foreign people as well as for athletes. This part is about 25 km long and ends in our rafting center.The Drina River is 346 km long, while its course through Serbia is 220 km long. It flows through Montenegro, the Republic of Srpska and Serbia, and some major cities are also located on the river. The most famous bridge on the river is the old bridge in Visegrad.

If you want to try the real rafting, you can, at one of the cleanest rivers in Europe; Lim. Thanks to rafting trips you could admire nature. You can get closer to spring, Lim is wild and mysterious river that is hard to time. In the summer mirujnija and resting, collect energy for the fall. Take a deep breath. The rapids come in a continuous rowalong the river while rafting ride.

Ibar River flow sthrough the pictures queland scape of the west of Serbia. Ibar’s river has lots of rapids, water falls. Severa lmountain rivers are tributaries of the river Ibar; Studenica river, Raska, Dubocica, trifle, Lopatnica and rivers tavern. Ibar is very suitable river for fishing, rafting and kayaking.

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