River Rafting in South Korea

Rafting is probably the most exciting of summer leisure sports in South Korea. Safe, but exhilarating, you’ll find yourself shake off the summer doldrums and come alive as you battle rapids meters high and shoot down torrents of clear crisp water. If you have no fear then this activity is for you on South Korea visit. Rushing down river valleys in rubber boats gives the feeling of eternal freedom – and plenty of excitement. Many thrill seekers enjoy whitewater rafting for its adventure, but there is also quiet rafting and gentle river rides to be enjoyed.

The epicenter of Korea’s whitewater rafting action is in Gangwon-do (province), east of Seoul. There are three popular destinations for river rafting in the mountainous province: Donggang (Dong River) in Yeongwol-gun, Naerincheon (Naerin Stream) in Inje-gun, and Hantangang in Cheolwon-gun, all located in Gangwon-do Province. The stream is a scene of mesmerizing beauty as its waters ricochet off stones and create a combination of high, rough rapids and smooth, gentle currents. It is thanks to this balance of wild, rough currents and smooth waters that makes the stream a prime location for water sports. Naerincheon Stream is a popular destination for rafting enthusiasts, drawing more than a million people every summer for adventures in the valleys. Recognized for its unique beauty as well as for the quality of its rafting courses.

Yeongwol’s Donggang River runs 72 kilometers through Yeongwol-gun, Jeongseon-gun, and Pyeongchang-gun in Gangwon-do. The area around the river is largely untouched and the scenery picturesque. Rafting can be enjoyed on many parts of the river, from its upper reaches at Jeongseon to the lower ones at Yeongwol.The river is especially popular with beginners and families, as it is relatively wide and the currents are slow and calm. One of the best rafting courses to head for in the region is the Arayeon Valley. The place is not only the best place to go rafting but also a good place to observe the country’s unspoiled wildlife.

River rafting is a safe, adrenaline-pumping adventure that not only offers a cool escape from the summer heat, but also a unique and up-close-and-personal look at the pristine river surroundings. Nowadays, traditional kayaks as well as inflatable ones are becoming more popular, luring summer fun seekers from all walks of life.

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