Rivers and Lakes in Switzerland

Rivers and Lakes in Switzerland abound the country in plenty. The country is housed with a number of beautiful rivers and lakes that lend a very picturesque sight to the entire place. The largest rivers of Switzerland are the river Rhine, Aare, Ticino and Reuss. Switzerland is the main source of water in the central Europe and the rivers of the nation flow through the four different seas. Read on to know more about the Rivers and Lakes in Switzerland, which we have compiled for you. A few Rivers in Switzerland are as follows:
Rhine, Switzerland – This is an important river of Europe that rises in the east of Switzerland. The river Rhine that flows to the North Sea drains much of the northern Switzerland.
Aar, Switzerland – The largest tributary of the North Sea is the River Aare that drains the southern slopes of the Jura as well as most parts of the Swiss Plateau. Aare River flows through the densely populated plateau region of Switzerland.
Rhone River, Switzerland – It is the third largest river in Switzerland. It originates in Switzerland and flows towards the south and west of the Mediterranean Sea. There are many small resorts for the tourists on the first section of the river.
Thur, Switzerland – The North eastern parts of Switzerland is blessed with the Thur River. It stretches to over 130 kms. and flows into the river Rhine, around the German borders.
Switzerland is a country that is well known for its different scenic and beautiful lakes, especially of the alpine region. Lakes are of great importance in Switzerland for the purpose of transportation. A number of towns are also located on the lakeshores of Switzerland as well. The important Lakes in Switzerland are:
Lake Geneva, Switzerland – This is the largest lake in Switzerland, covering the border between France and Switzerland. The lake is shaped like a crescent that lies 1250 ft above the sea level. Lake Geneva is very often subjected to a phenomenon that is called as seiches. Seiches are fluctuation in the level of water during the course of a period of about half an hour. It is caused due to the differences in the atmospheric pressure on the surface of water.
Lake Lugano, Switzerland – It is a lake located in the southern parts of Switzerland with a maximum depth of 945 ft. A number of streams flow into this lake that are drained by the Tresa River.
Lake Maggiore, Switzerland – This is the second largest lake in Italy. A small part of the lake is found in the Swiss canton of River Ticino. The lake is located at about 640 ft above the sea level with an area of about 212 sq km. River Ticino flows through the Lake Maggiore through the south.
Lake Lucerne, Switzerland – This is one of the most popular lakes in Switzerland that has an irregular shape. It is also known as the ‘Lake of Four Forest Cantons’ as it borders the Unterwalden, Luzern, Uri and Schwyz cantons of the country. River Reuss flows northwards through the lake. This lake is well known for its natural scenic beauty that makes it popular among the tourists.
River Ticino – From southern Switzerland, the River Ticino flows directly into the Adriatic Sea and the Po. The eastern part of Switzerland is drained by the Inn that continues to flow in the Danube and finally empties itself in the Black Sea.
Rivers and lakes in Switzerland have always played an important role in attracting the tourists to its midst and also they lend a pretty face to the country as well. These also provide an unusual experience, as being one of the major modes of transportation in Switzerland.