There are so many natural beauties on the islands that some travelers may overlook the capital city of Roseau. True, it’s a bit crowded and noisy, but there are a few attractions worth seeing, particularly the Dominica Museum which gives you a good introduction to the culture of the island. It’s located in an old court house.
The Anglican Cathedral is another sight worth seeing. In the old centre there are many cobbelstone streets with small shops and houses. The cobblestones were originally shipped in as ballast for the ships with early planters and traders. The best area for shopping is around Cork Street or on the banks of the Roseau river where you find small stalls.

Fort Young Hotel is an excellent place to have lunch. It’s an old English fort dating from the 18th century and it serves good food.

The Botanical Gardens contain examples of most of the trees, shrubs and flowers found on the island. It is also the HQ of the National Park Office – a goldmine for maps and guides.