Roses in Morocco

Roses in Morocco

In May

For flower lovers, there are very few places better to be than in Morocco during May.

This is because an oasis in the Dades Valley provides an opportunity for roses to grow in abundance, something which has been particularly important for the local economy.

One of the largest rose distilling plants in the world is situated in the valley, which is also known as the Valley of the Roses, and it provides the scented rose water which is used in abundance in cooking and perfumes.

It takes ten tons of rose petals to produce just a few litres of oil, so the effort put in by the local farmers is rightly celebrated towards the end of the harvest each year.

With the valley smelling divine, the farmers gather together in the El Kelaa des M’Gouna town for the rose feast celebrations, which include a market with music and dancing and of course a Rose Queen election, whose duty it is simply to reign over the year’s crop.


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