Roughing it in the Cardamom Mountains

Bordering Thailand, the Cardamom Mountain range is Cambodia’s largest wildlife sanctuary. This area abounds with rough mountains, wild streams and rare species of plants and animals, and its wildlife has never been fully cataloged or explored. It is home to dozens of large animals including elephants, clouded leopards, tigers, pleated gibbons and Malaysian sun bears.

The Cardamoms are perfect for nature treks and hikes, and its wide variety of birds (over 450 species) make it one of the top birding destinations in the region. For those interested in archeology, many jar sites, ancient Khmer burial sites, have been found in this region. River cruises through the area’s rain forest are also available.

Known as one of the least explored areas in Southeast Asia, the Cardamom Mountains have attracted the interest of several organizations for development. The Cambodian government has begun developing the infrastructure necessary to develop this mountain range into Southeast Asia’s premier adventure destination. Now this is in full progress, tourism soon will find its way through the thick forest and lush rivers with its many endangered species.