Royal Bardia National Park

of plants and wild animals. The growing air of anticipation and fascination releases you from daily worry and anxiety. The protected forest areas have been fulfilling this particular necessity for many years. And without conservation, the Royal Bardia National Park (RBNP) would look naked and bare. It’s been 25 years since RBNP was established. The local Tharu people call the park Kail Pahuran meaning a gift of nature and conservation works for future generations have been in full swing for the past number of years. It’s gaining popularity as an open museum of the plains featuring wild species. According to the park figures, there are 54 mammal species, 24 reptiles, over 60 fish and over 400 bird species in the park. The park is also home to two main rivers. The Geruwa River is a shelter for fresh water dolphins, ghariyal, the maghar crocodile and other water animals. The Karnali River flowing outside the park is also equally attractive to tourists.

The name of Royal Chitwan National Park tops the list when it comes to Jungle Safari. But the resorts and lodges opened inside the park have affected the natural environment thereby losing its charm. It’s said that these wild animals that are easily spotted, have become domesticated to the extent that they even pose in front of cameras for tourists.

In contrast RBNP is still in its virgin state. It hasn’t reached the stage where animals pose for photographs. The animals that roam freely in the jungle can be encountered only for a brief moment, and then they leap and vanish into the dense forest. And that single glimpse remains etched on the tourists mind forever.

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