Runyenjes is the second largest town in Embu District (Eastern province, Kenya) and serves as the divisional headquarters of Runyenjes division. The significance of this town is more in its history. It derived its name from an awesomely popular Chief Runyenje of the colonial era who ruled fron Thuci River to Sagana (in Central Province).

It’s a small town but which is rapidly growing. hotels include the Cock Robin Inn, Commando, Runyenjes Club and the Thuchi River Lodge. Those who may require more comfort should stay in Embu Town where there are a variety of tourist class restaurants and lodges.

Runyenjes is surrounded by small but rapidly growing towns that include: Kianjokoma, Karurumo, Kigumo, Kathageri, Kanja, Mukuuri, Ena and Gichiche among others.

Visitors to Runyenjes should not miss to visit the popular Mwene Ndega grove, the ancestral home of the Embu people. It is about three kilometres from the town.