Safari in Assam

Assam the home of 5 National Parks including two UNESCO World Heritage Bio-diversity Hotspots, 17 Wildlife Sanctuaries, 3 Bird Sanctuaries and 10 Rivers, including the mighty Brahmaputra, Assam State is the most happening destination for wildlife tourism in India. With large stocks of domesticated elephants, Jeep and Elephant safaris are a common mode of exploring forest life. The rivers which have since ages provided convenient water-way transportation within the state, is now slowly opening out for tourism. Boat Cruises and Boat Safaris are fast catching up as a favorite and integral method of tourists desiring to explore the vast treasures of Assam culture, regions and wildlife.

Kaziranga Elephant Safari

One of the most enjoyable ways of exploring the flora and fauna within the forests of the famous Kaziranga National Park is to ride on the back of a majestic elephant. Since large areas of the KNP are covered with elephant grass, elephant back is the safest and the most desirable place to view wildlife from.

Most enjoyable in the early mornings and late evenings when the animals are out so as to confront the changing environment this is the best time for close encounters. These KNP elephant safaris generally cover the areas of Baguri, Hole Path, Mihimukh, Kohora Central Path, and Arimarah regions.

Brahmaputra Boat Safari

Besides Jeep and Elephant Safaris, Boat Cruises and Safaris is an ideal way of exploring Assam. Along with Brahmaputra River, there are several other smaller tributaries over which boat-cruising activities are fast developing within Assam. The state government tourism department has initiated a number of steps to promote such activities, including a recently launched pedal and motor boating cruises on the Kolong River near Nagaon. Numerous private cruise operators are also offering a variety of Brahmaputra Cruise packages which is definitely an exciting way of witnessing Assam.

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