Safari in Egypt

Experienced guides take their visitors to Bedouin encampments to discover the nomadic culture. Invariably there is an invitation to take tea and share the fruits of the oasis.

When on safari, it is possible to observe the species which have adapted to the difficult climatic conditions. Among them are the Agama, a lizard in a bright variety of colours, the small Dorcas Gazelle, which bounds along at up to 80 km/hr, and the wild ass. The desert is also home to a wide range of plants, some of which have therapeutic properties.

White desert
Whilst 4 x 4s have gradually replaced the caravans of camels, the latter make any voyage of discovery more relaxed and offer the ideal mode of transport for an outing at sunset. After nightfall, a Bedouin-style barbecue under the stars provides the perfect end to the day.

Two regions of Egypt are particularly suited to safaris:
To the west of the Nile, the Western Desert contains numerous oases. Scattered in a wide arc like islands in an ocean of sand, the oases are accessible from Cairo and Luxor. In both cases, a week is needed for exploring these desert wonders and, in particular, visiting the Dakhla Oasis where the inhabitants have preserved their traditional settlement. The White Desert with its astonishing limestone formations and the Black Desert with its black, pyramidal hills are another two stopover sites en route.

The desert on the Sinai Peninsula adds a spiritual dimension to the rich array of landscapes in this region. At the summit of Mount Moses (Mount Sinai) or in the coloured canyon close to Nuweiba, the atmosphere of serenity can be experienced to the full. A safari to south Sinai is not complete without a visit to the biggest of the region’s oases, Wadi Feiran.

Jeep Safaris
It offer the excitement of rough riding over the desert with all the mod cons like air conditioning. There’s plenty of culture to soak up too, on either a half or a full day outing. With your trained guide, you’ll visit typical Bedouin camps and experience their unique nomadic culture for yourself.
You’ll also get the chance to go camel riding into the sunset, before sitting down to a candlelit barbecue dinner beneath the stars.

Full Day Safari
Most jeep tours offer full day safaris. With a full action packed itinerary, you’ll get the chance to go dune bashing and sand surfing. Like snowboarding, but in powdery sands instead of snow, you’ll hike to the top of a sandy ridge before strapping on your board and swooshing your way down to the bottom. After a day of action and adventure, you’ll sit down to dinner beneath the stars. For the full experience, look for a camp with traditional food and belly-dancers.

Quad Bike Safaris
Fancy putting yourself in the driver’s seat ? Grab a qualified guide, jump onto a quad bike and get ready to go tearing across the desert sands. Sand biking offers enough challenge for even the most seasoned pro’s.

Overnight Camel Safaris
For the most authentic desert experience, there’s no substitute for an overnight camel trek.See the shifting colours of the sky and sand as the sun sets and rises and as the moonlight casts its night-time glow. Surrounded by sandscapes that seem to stretch to the horizon, it’s a humbling and moving experience, not just a physical journey but a spiritual one too.

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