If you want to buy beautiful pottery at good prices, Safi is the place to come. Its not the most beautiful Moroccan town as it is surrounded by factories, however, it is a good place to get to know what a real Moroccan town is all about. There is a whole neighborhood of pottery workshops, where you can pick out and haggle over some of the most unique pottery in Morocco. The medina, surrounded by a Portuguese wall, is worth a visit. Also the Portuguese citadel offers good views over the town and the sea.

Safi is making a lot of renoval, as the city beach is becaming very nice, and always oforning excelent waves for surf and swim.
The new Hotel Atlantic Panorama offers a unique view over Safi town and the beach.
You can also have a very good and cheap meat of fresh fish near to the beach.

Four beaches are close to Safi: Old Essaouira, a very nice place to swim, Lala Fatna for experimented surfers and an incredible place to take sun… Walidia is one of the most butiful lagoon of Morroco, and the last one is Cap Bedousa, a litle dangerous for kids because of rocks but realy beautiful.

Safi is close to Marrakech by 1h30 only.

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