Sailing and Surfing in Tonga

Sailing and Surfing in Tonga are adventure sports in the region, which you are sure to enjoy while on your tour there. The waters around Ha’atafu Beach and Eue’iki Island are some of the best locations to surf, while you can sail to Vava’u and Ha’apai. You are sure to enjoy your tour here.
Sailing and Surfing in Tonga are sure to be experiences you will always remember.
Surfing in Tonga Surfing in Tonga is enjoyable as there are a few locations where the reef breaks are perfect for experienced surfers. One of the spots for surfing, which is frequented by inhabitants and tourists is off Ha’atafu Beach, located on western Tongatapu. Surfers from around the world come to this point where the waves break. There is a shallow reef located approximately 100 meters off the beach of Ha’atafu, where these waves break. This reef is a surfer’s paradise. Another reef is located slightly away from this beach and can only be accessed by boat. Owing to the coral reef in this area, it experiences high tide and is suitable for experienced surfers. Beginners are advised not to try their hand at surfing here. On Sundays, the area is closed for surfers.
Another excellent place where you can indulge in surfing is off Eue’iki Island, located off the north-east Tongatapu coast.
You can go for Surfing in Tonga during the summer months, which are from November to March. During this time, the waves that are formed owing to the cyclones in the North and South Pacific are excellent and perfect for surfing. The South-East Trade winds also persist during this time. However, the best time to go for Surfing in Tonga is during the winter months from May to October. The waves that swell here are formed owing to the winter storms in New Zealand as well as the Tasman Sea.
Sailing in Tonga If you want to go for Sailing in Tonga, you can go to Vava’u and Ha’apai. The former is an excellent place for sailing. You need to get acquainted with the boats here, before moving towards the south. The latter offers the opportunity to sail for 8 hours. This 8-hours sail is usually for international cruising yachts. The views of the extensive ocean are indeed breathtaking.
Sailing and Surfing in Tonga are excellent adventure sports to indulge in, while on your tour to the land.

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