Salgotarjan is a city with county rights in Nograd county, North-Eastern Hungary. It is located At the foot of Karancs mountain, in the Cserhat hills, 250 meters above sea level, 120 km North-East from Budapest, 70 km Eest from Miskolc. Salgotarjan is surrounded by beautiful forests and hills topped with castle ruins, which are accessible by bus that may be taken from the center of town.


There is a mining museum, beautiful terrain with nice Castle’s about 15 minutes north of the main city that can be accessed by bus from the main centre, but make sure you take your passport as the castle straddles the boarder.
There are more nice places to stay, one near the bus station about 4 minutes walk, behind next to the penny market. The other is in the north of the city, which is much larger, with a pool and spa, very nice to stay in. There are a number of large supermarkets in the area, with a Tesco just opened few years ago.

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