Samburu and Buffalo Springs are small parks, measuring 300 square km together. They hold a large variety of landscapes, however, ranging from savanna and hills to the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River. It also has some of the most unique wildlife in Kenya, like the reticulated giraffe and Grevys zebra, as well as plenty of lions, leopards, and cheetahs. Some say Samburu /Buffalo Springs is the best park in Kenya because of the sites and the fact that it isnt crowded with tourists. I say its definitely one of the best 3 in the country. One unfortunate thing is that these reserves are separate ad require separate park fees, although they are much the same. If you want to visit both, do it in two separate days. You either need your own vehicle or you need to book a safari with a tourist company to visit the reserves.

To get there, go through Embu and Meru to Isiolo, or go around the northern side of Mt. Kenya, through Nanyuki to Isiolo. The reserves are just a few km north of Isiolo.

If you choose to stay in Buffalo Springs, there are 4 public camp sites near the Gare Mara gate. Theyre not completely safe, however, so pack up you belongings and take them with you on game drives. The only lodge is Buffalo Springs Tented Lodge in the north eastern part of the reserve.

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