San Andres Island

The San Andres island is located 700 kilometers from the continental coast of Colombia. Alongside Providencia and Santa Catalina, San Andres Island is Colombia’s main insular possession in the Caribbean Sea. These are islands of corsairs and buccaneers, with excellent services and attractions that may be enjoyed to the rhythm of reggae. San Andres Island has large white-sanded beaches and facilities for water sports. Its attractions can be discovered under the guidance of kind, friendly islanders. Providencia is a seductive destination with ever green hills and a large coral barrier.

Charming San Andres island is an oasis of pleasure. It offers nautical sports in a turquoise-colored sea, an animated night life, the advantages of shopping in a free port, and the placidness of strolling on its beaches.

Providencia island, also known as Old Providence, possesses so many landscapes of extraordinary beauty within its seventeen square kilometers that it is considered an unequalled eco-tourist destination. A visit to the neighboring island of Santa Catalina complements the trip to Old Providence. On this island, the silence is disturbed only by the hubbub of the birds and the sound of the waves striking the rocks, among them the famous Morgans Head.

The San Andres island is located in the inter-tropical zone. The average temperature is 27.4 C and ranges between 33 C and 17 C. Dry periods are from February to April and from July to September. East winds predominate, although the weather is influenced mainly by the trade winds.

The islands are part of the Caribbean region and are located to the northwest of continental Colombia, 800 kilometers from Cartagena and 290 kilometers from Nicaragua, at 12 and 16 latitude north and 78 and 82 west of Greenwich.

Options for lodging include hotels, inns, cottages, hostels, suites, and luxury lodgings. Total offer is over 7,000 beds. Hotels offer a wide variety of plans and services, from all-inclusive to simple.

Nightlife in San Andres island
Enjoy Caribbean music – salsa, merengue, calypso, reggae, zouk, and reggaeton – in several nightclubs on the island. Some hotels have discos, bars, live shows, and even dancing lessons.