San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende is a quiet town that is remarkably comfortable to the traveller and expatriate, one that is calm, quiet, and has a rhythm of its own. It’s rhythm isn’t of the Samba, or the Mexican hat dance. Its the beat of a quiet gentle drum marked by relaxing days in the town, and then a nighttime stroll before the pink granite church made in delicate and almost bizarre churrigueresque elements. It’s a town for the independent mind, and comfortable enough for a whole community of expects to shape it into a different kind of place.

The city is renowned for its beautiful colonial architecture, temperate climate, and cultural activities. Due to the overall quality of life one can enjoy in San Miguel, close to 10% of the town’s population consists of expatriates from United States, Canada, and Europe.


San Miguel has the honor of being a historical landmark, so there are plenty of sights to see. If you are interested in colonial architecture you will want to visit Casa de Allende and the Parroquia and enjoy leisurely strolls along the city’s cobblestone streets.

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