Santa Lucia Park

Santa Lucia Park is one of the interesting points in Merida. Merida is a major tourist destination in Mexico. The popularity of the Santa Lucia Park makes it one of the main tourist attractions in Merida.
Santa Lucia Park in Merida is an idyllic park located in the downtown. It is a major stop in the Merida tours. The scenic beauty of the park makes it an excellent place for relaxation. The park is also ideal for picnics and small excursions. Quality accommodation is available near the Santa Lucia Park as there are varieties of hotels ranging from deluxe hotels to budget ones.
One of the important sections in the Santa Lucia Park in Merida is the historic center. The historical center hosts the Yucatan musical festivals. A wide of musical festivals ranging from local festivals to jazz concerts are organized here. The concerts are mostly held on Thursdays. Foreign tourists as well as local people come to the park to enjoy the vibrant functions. The park consists of multiple stages which are highly decorated and equipped with advanced with advanced equipments.
The Santa Lucia Park is surrounded by wide variety of dining and shopping centers. The popular restaurants and bars are located in the area. They serve mouth watering local and international dishes. There are also plenty of centers on nightlife around Santa Lucia Park. The pubs and the discos can ideal places to enjoy. The shopping hotspots consist of international shopping chains as well as local stores.

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