Santiago Cathedral Bilbao in Spain

Santiago Cathedral in Bilbao is almost as old as the city of Bilbao, which was previously a place of fishermen. Santiago Cathedral was named after Saint James the Great. The Spanish name is Santiago. It is situated in the old town of Bilbao.
The Cathedral has the impact of the old style of artwork in late 14th and 15th century. The mixture of different styles of Architectural work made it more beautiful and artistic. The exterior of the cathedral is built by Severino Achucarro. The facade made up in neogothic style. Beautiful stone carving attracts the people towards this historical monument.
In the interior of cathedral, there are much more to have a look. There are many decorative and high quality objects they are precious. There is Monstrance made with the gold material and precious stones, diamonds, emeralds, rubies etc. It is the creation of artisan Mariano Gavín.
The furniture of cathedral is stolen. But there are many other beautiful things to be liked by the art lovers. The statue of Cristo Del Buen Amor is one of such beautiful artistic creations.
Many tourists make the Santiago cathedral as a part of Bilbao tourist destinations. It is a place where the ancient artworks and architectural styles can be experienced. The Santiago cathedral is situated near the coastal region. Tourist can make a way to the Santiago coastal region through this cathedral. Thus this place is frequently visited by tourists and citizens in Bilbao.

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