Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia with its app. 1.800 kilometres of coastline, is one of the most popular destinations for people who love aquatic sports and seaside holidays, not only for its natural beauty and geographical position but also for its history. In fact the Sardinian people are renowned for their spontaneous hospitality, and like all islanders thirst for contact with the external world. People who visit Sardinia discover not only one of the most beautiful and original places in the world but also have an unforgettable holiday.
When approaching the island of Sardinia by boat, youll be impressed by the colors of its rocks, ranging from black to basalt, from silver to granite and from red to porphyry. Sardinia is a very striking island, not in the least because of its History : Every Mediterranean power has controlled the island at one time Romans, Phoenicians, Spaniards and even a pope. Present-day Sardinia is the favourite holiday spot of Italys extremely wealthy (which explains Sardinias high prices).

The island has a multitude of attractions: you can see wild horses, flamingos and seals. You can do some great fishing (both day and night) or go mountain climbing. Visit Roman ruins and the mysterious grottoes (the best is ‘Grotta Nuova’ near Cala Gonone on the east coast).

Be the spectator of some spectacular arid scenery or relax on one of the many quiet sandy and rocky beaches where you can set off for a sailing trip, reef diving or water-skiing. Major attractions on the island include the pink sand beach at Porto Ferro, the typically Sardinian town of Nuoro, Oristano with its ruins of the Phoenician city Tharros, the Goddess of Fortune Temple in Porto Torres , Cagliari the largest city on the island with a good archaeological museum, Alghero with its strong Catalan feel and Su Nuraxi Nuraghe an impressive Nuraghic fortress 60 km north of Cagliari.

The town of Olbia is the gateway to the Emerald Coast ( Costa Emeralda ), one of Europes most important (and expensive) resort areas (it also has sites that span 3, 000 years of history).

Shop for exquisite lace, wood, carvings, carpets and bitter honey (harvested during autumn, when the only flowers blooming contain bitter pollen). For dinner, try the traditional Sardinian dish porcheddu (roasted piglet). If you are looking for something more exotic, order uova di ricci (raw urchin eggs) or uova di muggine (the eggs of a Mediterranean fish grated over pasta).

So now let’s start out on a quick trip A trip Around Sardinia to get an idea of what there is to discover and what you can expect to find on your visit to Sardinia.