Sarvar is a town in Hungary in Vas County.
The salty water of the Medicinal Bath (1 Vadkerti Street) is used to help cure rheumatism, post-fracture complaints and gynecological disorders. It also helps general regeneration and conditioning as part of a course of treatment or for use at home in the from of the Sarvar thermal crystal produced by distillation.

The town has become a tourist centre of international renown. Through the Nadasdy family the castle played a significant role in the progress of Hungarian culture in the 16th and 17th centuries.


A long stone bridge leads to the five sided Nadasdy Castle (1 Varkerulet), which used to be surrounded by a moat and, beginning from the 16th century, served as a fortress and aristocratic family residence,
because of its lavish interior decor and valuable furnishing, the Ferenc Nadasdy Museum is today one of the most beautiful castle museums in the country. It has exhibitions presenting the interwoven history of the castle and the town, the life of Hungarian Hussars and an abundant collection of applied art.

The 36-meter pyramid oak, and the four oaks which are more than 400 years old, are the pride of the Sarvar Arboretum (30 Varkerulet) on the bank of the Gyongyos brook.

The most outstanding sights include: the arboretum (a nature reserve), the Neo-Classical Lutheran church and the Roman Catholic church, the park forest and the Csonakazo Lake.