Scalea is a town situated in Calabria in southern Italy, on the enchanting coast of the Tyrrhenian sea. The old town is placed on the heights and preserves the remains of an ancient wall and tower, while towards the beach, the Scalea Marina centre has recently been developed, with modern, comfortable hotels splendid villas and numerous, fully-equipped bathing areas on the beach. These enchanting beaches look out onto a sea of incomparable beauty.

As of 2006 the region of Calabria has a new airport called Lamezia Terme. Low cost airlines fly several times a week direct to this airport from the UK making it much more accessible than it has been in the past.

Scalea is an excellent option if you are living in the UK and looking for a low cost getaway. Accommodation is extremely reasonable and the cost of eating out is much lower than in the north of the country.

The people in the town are extremely friendly but in general do not tend to speak a lot of English. For the majority of people visiting for a vacation this is not a problem if you take a phrase book. Work has also been done with an English company based in the area to translate menu’s for some of the more popular bars and restaurants.

The area is very picturesque. The town sits between the sea and the mountains and is full of monuments, churches and ruins.
Calabria is a magical land with bright blue warm sea and lush high mountains. Around every corner is a new panoramic view. It has something to offer everyone, from beach holidays to skiing in the Sila mountains.

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