The Schleswig-Holstein region located on the isthmus connecting Germany to Denmark has coastlines on both the North and Baltic Seas. This area has some of the most rural stretches of land in the country. Expansive sandy beaches and flat pasture land characterize the North Sea side and wide short beaches and rolling hills define the Baltic coast.


Schleswig-Holstein lies on the base of the peninsula of Jutland between the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. Schleswig-Holstein borders on Denmark in the north, the North Sea in the west, the Baltic Sea and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the east, and Lower Saxony and Hamburg in the south. Kiel is the capital of the Bundesland.


Castles forests dikes and quaint towns abound. Of most interest are the traditional bathing spots such as Heiligendamm, Timmmendorfer Strand and the islands of Amrum or Sylt. The main city in is Kiel a shipbuilding port of limited interest (its main attraction is the 13th-century St. Nicholas Church). Also in this area are the ancestral homes of ancient settlers of England and the Scottish lowlands Schwansen and Angeln (the Anglo in Anglo-Saxon). Main attraction in this state are Flensburg and Lubeck.

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