Scuba diving and Snorkeling in Marshall Islands

One of the premier tourist attraction that visitors find here is Scuba-diving and Snorkeling in Marshall Islands.The islands provide some excellent underwater visibility. There are year-round warm weather, and one finds around 250 species of hard and soft coral as well as over 1000 species if fish which make Scuba-diving and Snorkeling in Marshall Islands a great adventure sports in Marshall Islands.
Divers coming for scuba diving can enjoy the steep drop-offs, coral pinnacles, channels and reef points. A great place to start your scuba diving is the Majoro Atoll. There are coral pinnacles which rise from depths which range from 10 to 120 feet. One can see some diverse range of Pacific sea life, the pinnacles seems to be some busy city center. One can see schools of tiny, brightly colored fish which shows up through the clusters of coral. The deep walls and wrecks all add up to the variety and provide the divers to see everything without traveling far.
The Bikini Atoll is famous as a wreck divers dream. There are many historically significant diving wrecks in the lagoon, in addition to marine life. One can see the USS Saratoga, which is a U.S. naval aircraft carrier that fought in WWII. It is the largest diveable wreck as well as the only diveable aircraft carrier in the world. The USS Saratoga is larger than the Titanic and sits on the bottom of Bikini Atoll lagoon. At the Bikini Atoll, one can also see the battleship HIJMS Nagato, which is the flagship of the Imperial Japanese Navy, that led the attack on Pearl Harbor.
The Rongelap Atoll is open to divers who want the thrill of pristine waters as well as beautiful coral reefs, which fall in to thousands of feet of blue ocean. It has opened up after many years of isolation. Marine biologists are calling it the next World Heritage site. Another place is the Kwajalein Atoll, one can see the Prinz Eugen, which is a German Heavy Cruiser, that fought alongside the Battleship Bismarck. This ship was launched by Adolf Hitler and it sits up side down in the shallows of the lagoon.
Other places for Scuba-diving and Snorkeling in Marshall Islands are Arno Atoll, Mili Atoll, Likiep, Jaluit, Wothe and Maloeap.