Scuba Diving in Tonga

Scuba Diving in Tonga is one of the Adventure Sports in the region that you can indulge in, on your tour there. This sport is one of the most popular sports in Tonga. You will enjoy swimming underwater while taking photographs of the creatures of the sea. Scuba Diving in Tonga will be sheer fun and adventure.
The Kingdom of Tonga comprises 169 islands. This is the only archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. It is located to the east of Fiji and south of Samoa. These islands, which are also called the Friendly Islands owing to the warm hospitality given to Captain Cook, are divided into three main groups of islands, namely Tongatapu, Vava`u and Ha`apai. These islands offer a host of adventure sports that you can partake in. Scuba Diving is one such sport that is very popular.
The water sport, scuba diving is fun and truly enjoyable if you are a lover of sea animals. The sport involves swimming underwater, with help of an underwater breathing apparatus that is self-contained. You will need to carry a breathing gas that is usually compressed air, thus enabling you to breath underwater. Divers usually wear fins that are attached to their feet. Another way for moving around in the water is with the help of a diver propulsion vehicle or in short DPV. This is also known as “scooter.” Moving in the water can also be achieved by sleds that are surface-tethered devices. They sleds are pulled by a boat.
Scuba Diving in Tonga is fun as it involves exploring the waters of the sea, with its sea creatures like turtles, sharks, various types of fish, like dog tooth tuna, bait fish, mantas and yellowfins. You can also explore the caves of the sea. One of the activities that you can indulge in while scuba diving in Tonga, is snorkeling.

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