See the Mountain Scenery of Oman

The best time to visit Oman is between November and mid-March, when the cooler air brings the mountain scenery sharply into focus and daytime temperatures average 25°C (77°F). During this time, you can reduce your costs by sharing local tours with other visitors. For the rest of the year, much of Oman is oppressively hot and hazy, particularly between May and August.

Avoid the June to September rainy season in the south (though this is peak season for Emirate visitors to Dhofar who come specially to see the spectacle of green mountains in the desert).

Oman has emerged from its hermit shell, revealing a land of friendly people and dramatic landscapes peppered with forts. Although it remains, in many ways, the most traditional country in the region, it’s often more outward looking than it’s given credit for.

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