Sehlabathebe National Park

Sehlabathebe National Park is the only official National Park in Lesotho. Half the fun of the park is getting there, since it is rather remote. You need a 4X4 vehicle but even then you could be stuck going in or out waiting for a river to go down after heavy rains. The average elevation of the park is some 2,400 meters which means you can get altitude sickness.

If you do arrive in the park then the best thing to do is go on a hike or a pony trek to fully enjoy the scenery. It maybe a good idea to take a guide with you on your excursions (there is always someone willing to take you for a minimal fee) as it is easy to get lost if a thick mist descends…

There are melodious echos in that area and historically people have believed that this voice like echoes are the ancestral gods living around this magnificent place. it is one of the highest parks in the world at about 3000 m-3400 m above sea level. There is tremendous wildlife in that area. if you want to see the place where nature and environment is still intact and untempered with, then Lesotho is the place to be. the breeze is unpolluted, pure and has got that emotional healing therapy.