Selangor Tropical Fruits Garden

The farm has captured the attention of the Prime Minister who is keen to see for himself the progress of the golden valley.

The starfruit farm has about 17,000 trees with the favourite B10 type having an internal rate of return (IRR) of 63 percent a year for every invested ringgit and this is the highest percentage returns compared with other fruits there.

Besides the starfruit, the papaya is among the largest cultivated fruit with a sizeable area on a 85-ha farm with about 135,000 trees. This was followed by pineapple and honey lemon, each 42 percent, jackfruit 27 percent, guava 25 percent and mango 20 percent.

Key Tips
Enjoying the welcoming feast of fruits and aromatic herbs, visitors can visit the handicraft sales centre, marine livestock as well as the info centre. The Selangor Fruit Garden/Valley is open to public and we can visit the place and also shooping for some tropical fruits during the seasons.

How to get there
By Road
It’s about 17 km from the Rawang exit at North-South (PLUS) hiway. Lies along Jalan Rawang-Kuala Selangor in the Rantau Panjang permanent Forest Reserve.


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