Seven Sister Waterfall

Meghalaya, a North-east state in India, is blessed with a number of gorgeous waterfalls but Seven Sister Waterfall has a unique charm to it. During good season one can seven different falls side-by-side cascading the cliff, which gives the waterfall its name. It is a seven segmented waterfall that overlooks Bangladesh.. Seven Sister waterfall in Meghalaya obtained its name from the seven different waterfalls that cascade down the hill during the monsoon season.

Seven Sister Waterfall flows only during monsoon season, so the best time to come to this place is from July to September. Being located in Cherrapunji the wettest place in the world, Seven sister waterfall attracts many tourists from across the globe. Its surroundings are lush green and offer a sense of peace.

Cherrapunji is only 2 hours drive from the capital city Shillong, so reaching here is never a problem. Deserving the attention of the tourists, Cherrapunji has various attractions to offer to its tourists. Besides the Seven sister falls, Nohkalikai falls and Mawsmai caves are a must-visit destinations i Cherrapunji. Root bridges, which are naturally formed bridges that are actually the roots of trees are one of the most interesting things to see in Cherapunji.

Some of the other famous waterfalls in Meghalaya are Bishop and Beadon falls, Elephant Falls, Spread Eagle Falls, Sweet Falls, and Crinoline Falls.

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