Shark Fishing in Con Dao Island, Vietnam

Con Dao has 20 sandy beaches, some of which are attached to primitive forests creating a poetic landscape. White sand dunes slope gently to the blue and clear water of the sea, inviting visitors to swim, play in the waves and discover the beauty of coral reefs with scuba diving. Tourists are also encouraged to try fishing, and in particular squid fishing.
Fishing is an option both day and night; however squid fishing is only available at night. Unlike many areas where the fish and squid are found in deep waters or hiding behind stone falls, fish and squid are abundant around Con Dao and are easy to catch.
Services are available such as boat, fish rods and bait, as well as high-tech fishing equipment. There are many types of fish to catch and families and friends often gather together for seafood parties.

Shark can be reached overland and boat, junk and canoe trips which can also be arranged from Con Son town center or Ben Dam Port to seven sceneries, Mui Dai Cape, big bamboo, and small bamboo islands, where visitors can indulge in the splendid island sceneries as well as freely drop their fishing rods and relax after a tiring work day.
At night the shimmering lights, gaudy colors and fake squid lure the squid swimming in the darkness of the sea. The best places for squid fishing are 914 Pier, Ben Dam Port, Mui Dai Cape, to name just some off-shore-sites. Nhat Beach on Love Top is known for romantic sunsets as well as wonderful shark fishing. This is the best place for fishermen hoping to conquer a shark.

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